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Activity Timetable During School Closure

Hi everyone!

Hope you've all had a lovely half-term break and made the most of the glorious sunshine!


I'll continue to put the weekly timetable of physical challenges for you to try. Keep exploring GoNoodle too; there are so many activities for you to try, so don't just get stuck on your favourites! I wonder how many of you are still following P.E. with Joe Wicks? If so, you must be really fit by now!

Take care, keep safe and keep active (and remember... don't drive the grown ups nuts!) 

Thinking of you all,

Miss Tonks 

Click on the links below for some ideas on keeping active......

Week Commencing 1.6.20

Athletics challenges - there's something for each day, but pick and choose if you'd rather.

Bank Holiday Challenge

How far can you go in 20 minutes? You could walk, run, cycle, skate, scooter... but remember- STAY LOCAL. Please see the poster for further details.

Week Commencing 18.5.20

This week, there are some really great activities to try out with your family. Pick an activity, watch the 2 minute video, set up the equipment (it's all stuff you can find around your house!) and just have a go. These are some of the best suggestions I've seen whilst in lock-down and they're great fun.

Home Activity Challenges Week 7

Week commencing 11.5.20

This week there are some netball and football skill sheets for you to have a look at. You can link to some video clips that demonstrate key skills. Throwing, catching and footwork skills are important in PE so have a go and adapt any of the activities, if they are too hard (or too easy).

For those of you doing the 'Bear Hunt' this week, then check out the teddy bear fitness activities or yoga actvity. You can always use your teddy to practise your throwing and catching skills too. If you need more, then continue to improve on your personal best from last week's eight, 30 second challenges.

Home Activity Challenges week 6

Week commencing 4.5.20

I hope you enjoyed having a go at 'The Floor Is Lava' game from last week. I'd love to see some pictures of your physical activities on the Blog.  By now, you should also be really good at the 'Sevens' game and the 'Co-Ordination Challenges' from previous weeks. Scroll down the page if you've missed them. Let me know if you tried out any of the activities to do with keeping your dog active too.


There are 8 challenges to try out for this week's task. You can work towards beating your score or personal best every day. Will you achieve a bronze, silver or gold award? Go for it... and get the grown ups involved too!

Have fun and enjoy keeping active everyone!

Home Activity Challenges Week 5

Home Activity Challenges Week 4

The Floor Is Lava

Home Activity Challenges Week 3

Here's a challenge for you to try over the next week. It's a game called 'Sevens' and all you need is a ball and a wall. You can change any of the activities to make it easier or harder. Hope you have fun!
Can you pat your head and rub your tummy? Why not try some GoNoodle Catman Co-ordination Challenges.