Class 1

Autumn 2

Week 4:

This week in Maths YR have been using everyday language to talk about the size of different things. We have measured ourselves on our height chart, ordered children and teddies in order of height and ordered and measured Super Worm. We looked at the story ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. The children enjoyed ordering different sized beanstalks from shortest to tallest. The children also ordered different animals in order of size. In Y1 we have been looking at more/less and using our 2 and 5 times tables to help us problem solve.


We have had a busy week rehearsing our Nativity. On Tuesday afternoon Y1 had PE with class 2 and YR enjoyed Dough Disco, circle games and a story. In PE we have continued to use our super powers to move around in different ways, speeds and directions including heights. This week has been RE week and we have looked at ‘Why is God important to Christians’. We looked at a story about a boy and girl called Tom and Tessa who liked Jelly and Jellyfish. We learned that God created the entire universe including people and animals. We talked about how we are all unique in our own ways and that we may like some things and we might not like other things, and that our opinions may differ to other people. We talked about how Tom likes Jellyfish and Tessa likes Jelly. We made our own Jelly fishes and described them and also eat some Jelly and came up with words to describe them using our five senses ‘touch, smell, taste, hear and see’.

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