Class 3

Spring Term 2

Spring Term 2:

This has been a very busy term. Year 6 finished reading their novel, The Explorer, whilst Years 4 and 5 also finished reading James and the Giant Peach. As part of the second half of their novel study, Year 6 produced immersive setting descriptions of the jungle, diary entries as the four main characters from the book, letters to the author, telling her all about our experience of reading the book, and more. We sent the letters off to Katherine Rundell, as well as a collection of some of our writing, to show her how much her book meant to us. Years 4 and 5 concluded their novel study by _______________________________________________________

In maths, this was the term of fractions for years 4 and 5 as they got to know numerators and denominators in depth. Meanwhile, Year 6 spread their net far and wide, covering a whole host of mathematical topics, from long multiplication to the angles of polygons, and from _____________ to _____________.

Science: Evolution (Y6) and 

We concluded our study of our topic, Mexico, by focusing on the history of the Mayan civilization. With thousands of years of culture to study we had no lack of places to start. After looking over the whole of the period, we each chose an area of 

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