Class 1

Spring 1

Week 2:

This week we continued with our story The Three Little Pigs. We sequenced the story and wrote sentences about the pictures. We also made a straw, stick and brick house in our Art lesson. In maths YR have been ordering and sequencing our numbers to 10 and beyond. We have been writing our numerals and matching objects to the correct numeral. We have also selected objects from a large group. In Y1 we have used the base ten to do addition and subtraction sums. We have looked at the impact of adding/subtracting 0 in a sum. 

In our Topic session we have introduced Rio. We looked at where Rio is and talked about carnivals. We performed our own Samba carnival celebration in class and during PE. Mrs Stelling and Ms Bown were in Class One on Friday afternoon and the children enjoyed learning and exploring different sounds of instruments.

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