Class 1

Spring 1

Week 4:

We started the week making porridge in class one. I told the children that we are looking at a story and they had guess what story we were looking at. We made the porridge and had some choices to add onto our porridge. The children enjoyed going around the classroom to see which flavour was most and least popular. We also talked about our own favourite flavour. We then had the lovely porridge. Yummmmy!!!!


In Maths this week we have been looking at lengths and heights. We have been using mathematical language to describe the lengths and heights of objects. We used small, tiny, long, big, smallest, smaller, tall, longer and longest. Our Year 1s begun to measure objects with a ruler. We talked about CM and we recorded tall and small things around the room. 


In PE we had our first gymnastics session of the term. We looked at the stretch movement, star and pike. We also introduced our log roll movement. In our topic sessions we recapped where Brazil and Rio is and talked about some facts. We created our own flags for our own country. 


Our star of the week this week is Daniel for trying really hard in his maths this week measuring lengths and heights. Well done Daniel.

Nia this week received the lunch time award. Well done Nia. 

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