Class 1

Summer 1

Summer Term 2:

Week 2:

This week in Class 1 Reception have been looking at position and direction in Maths. We have looked at using objects and using mathematical language such as behind, on top and below. We have introduced the children to measuring and ways of measuring things.The children learned about 'm' for metres. The children enjoyed measuring each other with the measuring stick and measuring wheel. Our caterpillars are growing each day now. The are getting very big and long. We think they might be going up to the cocoon very soon. We will keep you updated!! In our Science sessions we have looked at the life cycle of a frog. Next week we will continue to look at this in more detail. We have also been outside in our outdoor learning environment and explored the school gardens. We have found various mini-beasts including snails, ants and spiders. The children were excited when we found a snail and had a snail race. We talked about the size the snail, the speed of the snail and came up with describing words (adjectives) to describe the snail. The children were really fascinated by the snail! Our Year One children have been working really hard with their weighing and capacity work in Mathematics this week. They have enjoyed weighing various objects and seeing which objects were the heaviest and lightest (using the correct mathematical language) and experimenting using prediction and estimation when it came to seeing which container held the most water. The children were introduced to millilitres (ml). Also... Well done to all our Year One this week with their Phonics Screening. Well done to everyone of them. Thank you for your support at home too. All in all, a great fun packed week in Class 1. We look forward to another one next week!


Homework this week is to look at any mini-beast and find an interesting fact about that mini-beast, e.g = spider. 

You can take a picture or draw a picture and find out a fact about your chosen mini-beast.

Homework due Wednesday 20th June 2018.

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