Class 1

Summer 1

Summer Term 2:

Week 3:

This week the children have been busy practising for sports day. The children went down to the field with Ms Bown and Class 2 t practice ahead of Sports day next Wednesday. On Thursday the Children went to Great Longstone Primary School and competed in cricket matches. They really enjoyed themselves. 

Throughout the week the children have been creating our fantastic well-dressing. Well done everyone. It looks awesome!!!

On Wednesday Mrs Crowder and Mrs Hibbs looked at your mini-beast homework from last week. The children enjoyed learning about different mini-beasts and sharing their homework with each other. 

On Tuesday our new Reception for September came to have a taster morning. Welcome to all our new starters. The children had a great morning with our current Reception and Year One children. We look forward to welcoming the new starters again on Tuesday next week. 


Homework this week is to look at counting forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. You may wish to record these or just do some fun mental math activities. You might like to play this fun Helicopter game - 

Can find identify 1 more/less. You may wish to challenge your self by counting 5 more / less.

Here are some fun counting songs the children like:

Counting to 10:

Counting upto and beyond 100:

Homework due Wednesday 27th June 2018.

Any problems, feel free to come speak to me.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Mr Dean.

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