Class 3

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1:


Our first week back after Christmas started with a science week. We spent an immersive 3 days studying forces, including friction and gravity, and their place in the world around us. We carried out fair tests, comparing the relative distances that a car would travel after going down a ramp if we changed the variables and the flexibility of various materials. We challenged ourselves to create a contraption capable of parachuting an egg safely down to the floor if dropped from the top of a ladder. We finished the block by looking briefly at the life of a great scientist: Sir Issac Newton.

This term we welcomed Ms Kitchener to our class. She chose James and the Giant Peach as her novel. We created newspaper reports on the destruction caused by the escaped rhino in chapter 2, wrote diary entries from James' point of view detailing his escape, wrote and performed play scripts about the various part of the story and created non-chronological reports about the various mini-beasts that were living in the peach.

Year 6 were also very busy this term in their English. Mr James chose the novel The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, as story of four children lost in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in the 1920s and their attempts to get back to civilisation. We produced a ton of writing, including writing our own chapters to insert into the book, researching and creating biographies of Percy Fawcett, a famous real-life explorer, recipes for 'grub pancakes', a delicacy enjoyed in the book (although thankfully we didn't have to eat any ourselves) and balanced arguments in the style of some of the characters.

This has also been a very busy term for our maths. Year 6 dived straight into fractions, decimals and percentages

Years 4 and 5 focused their attentions on multiplication and division

In science, Year 6 studied light and its various effects. We looked at how it can be reflected and refracted as well as studying how we see, including the inner workings of the eye. Years 4 and 5 studied 

Our topic this term was Mexico. As well as creating persuasive adverts for holidays in mexico and looking at some of the Mayan creation myths, we were able to create our own quesadillas and try them ourselves before writing simple recipes.

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