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Creative Friday

Friday 15th January - Creative day

Friday is creative time! Spend time this morning being creative.


There are two activities to have a go at each Friday.


1. Below you will find our termly together home learning work where you can choose an activity each week on a Friday to complete. See how many you can complete during the half term.


2. There is also an art activity to complete during the morning which is an art based project over the half term. Each week you can continue with your project so by the end of the half term you will have created your own urban art.

Class 2 Termly Together Home Learning activities

Friday - Class 2 Creative Project

Urban artists create art about where they live. It often reflects their experience, opinions and passion for city life.

As part of the New Urban Art movement, you have been commissioned to create an exclusive piece of collaborative art. Use your creativity to show how you feel about your favourite town or city (or even your own rural area).

What will you create? A sculpture, statue or mural? A public painting or photographic exhibition? A dramatic evening light show perhaps?

Imagine that your artwork will appear in advertising and promotions across the UK. What will attract tourists to your area?


What you could use?

  • Sketch books
  • Cameras
  • Art materials
  • Computers or tablets


Below are some ideas to help you with the project.


Lesson 1. Friday 15th January

Think about a city, large town or town centre that you have visited or are interested in. Your project will be about this urban area so think about your chosen city or town centre. (If you really want to, you can create your own rural artwork.


Research and gather ideas from pictures or photography, capturing exciting views, buildings, perspectives, patterns and shapes. Today, sketch your ideas and display your sketches on an ideas wall to use next Friday.

The resources below may help you. There is a planning sheet to help you plan out your ideas, a home learning booklet with activities that may help you and a creative board full of ideas of how to create your piece of art.