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Creative Friday

Class 2 Termly Together Home Learning activities - Predator!

Friday - Class 2 Creative Project

The ultimate predator.

What do you get if you mix a hippopotamus with your little brother? A Venus flytrap with your mum? An assassin bug with your granny? Or a lion with your sister? A very odd family indeed. Use what you know about the most effective predatory plants and animals to create the ultimate human predator. Which combination of plants, animals and humans will work best?

Your creation this half term is the 'ultimate predator', either as a drawing or model.


Possible practical resources
  • Camera
  • Computers or tablets
  • Painting software
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1 - Friday 26th February

What is your favourite predator? Is it an aquatic animal, a deadly stinging insect or a poisonous plant? Explain which of its predatory features impress you the most.

Sketch your favourite predator and label the features you like the most. 

Step 2 - Friday 5th March

Decide who from your friends or family is the strongest, fastest or perhaps the most agile. Think of the different qualities each person has. Which of their qualities do you think would be good to have in your ultimate predator?


If you want to, take a picture of your friend or family member showing their strength, speed or agility in action to use later on when you combine your ultimate predator. 


Find a picture of your favourite predator and compare it with the picture of your family member. Make a list of their best predatory features, like your brother’s speedy legs or a shark’s sharp teeth.


Search the web for good quality digital images of predatory features you want to combine. Save them on your laptop or tablet.

Creative Friday 5th March

You can also use Friday to be creative in other ways. It may be a good day to bake or make. It may be a good day to go for a nature walk and collect some natural materials to make a picture or model.

Paint a picture, use recycled items from home to make a model, bake a cake to share later or get some fresh air. Be creative and share your ideas with us all.