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Read Write Inc. Sounds


To help support your child/children with their reading at home, please watch this video on how to pronounce our Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. This links to our Read, Write, Inc (R.W.Inc) Phonics and English.


We use the term ‘Fred Talk’ in Class 1. This means ‘sounding out’ words for reading. When your child is/children are reading a word, encourage them to use ‘Fred Talk’; saying the individual sounds in the word and pointing to them (e.g. ‘b a ck = back’: and then to say the word after sounding it out. We call this blending sounds for reading.

Please see the video link below to help you understand how we teach your child/children to ‘Fred Talk’ and blend the sounds to read words.


The best way you can help and support your child/children at home is by reading with them as much as you can. We know this can be tricky when your little one/ones come home tired from a long day at school and you have lots of other after-school activities planned; but just 10 minutes a day will make all the difference to your child’s/children’s progress.


Please follow the link below and enter the username 'eatonclass1' and password 'allsaints'. Go to the bookshelf and choose a story to read to someone at home.