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For our English work this week, we will be using the Hamilton Trust resources we used last time. Complete any written work neatly in your home learning writing book. Resources are below.


Monday 18th January - Week 4 Day 3


1. Write notes about an illustration
• Look carefully at the Bird Illustration. It is from a story about Ananse.
• Make notes about what you notice in your book - use the heading Bird Illustration. Can you spot 10 different things?
Ask somebody else to test you e.g. What is the colour of the feather near the owl?

2. Make up a story
• Use the Story Summary to make up a story about Ananse and the Birds. Write it in your book using teh sheet as a guide.
• Start with the second box and then think about how the story could start and how it could end.
• Use your notes from the Bird Illustration to help you with the third box.

Share your story with a grown-up. Tell them what happens and what descriptions you will include.


If you have time:

3. Write your story
• Write your story of Ananse and the Birds.
• Try to include sentences that use conjunctions as you do.