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Home Learning Blog and Useful Website links

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 

This is where we will set activities for you to complete at home, together with providing the necessary support and guidance you may require.

We have also provided website links for you to look at. The websites contain a dedicated area for children whilst they are being home schooled.


Within this zone you will see; 


Video Centre where you will find videos of activities and guidance on how to approach tasks.


Class Blog which is where we will communicate with you. You can access your class blog and post questions or comments you have about the activities you are completing.


In order to access the blog and start to communicate with your teacher you will require your blogging username and password which your teacher will provide.




Health and Wellbeing Advice

Please take time to work through this assembly pack about reflecting on our emotions during lockdown with your child/children.

Read through the documents in the following order: 'Picture News Special Poster', 'Picture News Special Resource', 'Lockdown Reflection', 'Emotion Rollercoaster Proforma' and finally, 'Lockdown Writing Proforma'. 

It would be great to see your completed challenges on our blog. 

50 Books to read before you leave.

Useful Websites for Home Learning..

ORCA have produced a series of lessons for children to learn about whales, dolphins and orcas. Lessons can be viewed from their facebook or youtube pages and resources are also available here.

Lesson 1 

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6