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Marvellous Machines

In the Marvellous Machines project, your child will learn about technology that is part of their daily lives. They will explore various machines, learn about how machines help us and find out about how machines have changed and developed over time. They will learn about products that use electricity to make them work and explore magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


Supporting your child at home

  • Talk about the machines and technology you use in your everyday lives.
  • Look for things in the home that are powered by electricity.
  • Look for items that are powered by batteries.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? resource below. 

Marvellous Machines

We started our new topic thinking about evert day machines in our house. Machines that did a job for us, or helped us in some way. We used the microwave and toaster to make popcorn and toast, looking at what the machines did and how. We talked about how the machines needed electricity to work, and the importance of adult supervision when using them. 

We enjoyed our snacks the machines helped us make! 😋 

Staying Safe Online

We used the story Chicken Clicking to talk about online safety with the children and how they must speak to a grown up if they see something that they find scary, worrying or upsetting, and the importance of not talking to strangers on the internet. This lesson and story linked in well to our Collective Worship theme this term of ‘trust’ - and how we can’t always know who we are really talking to behind the screen of a computer. 

Terrific Tablets

The children have been exploring the iPads, learning how to log on, how to navigate the controls and how to take photos - which they had LOTS of fun doing! 😊 📸 

Speak Up!

Who knew the fun we could have with a microphone! The children enjoyed talking into the microphone and hearing how it changed our voice! 

We had a great time using our giant classroom remote! We were super speedy on fast forward, came to an abrupt halt with the pause button and had fun on rewind! The mute button was particularly useful! 😉

Machine Poems 

Amazing Inventors

As part of our topic of Marvellous Machines, the role play area is now an Amazing Inventors Station! The children are really enjoying designing and creating their own inventions, explaining what they are and what they do!