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Here are the Maths activities for this week for Year 2 children.


We are using the same resources that the children are used to in Maths lessons in school. Each day there is a video that shows the children what our theme is today and allows them to see the mathematical focus.


There are some opportunities to pause the video and for children to talk about a question or write down their ideas or answers. They can watch the video more than once if it helps them.


In the Maths Activities section below, you will find the activity for each day. There is a sheet of questions that get progressively harder and require the children to use reasoning and problem solving to explain their answers. We have included the answer sheet so that children may check their work to see how well they did.


In addition there is a also a 'True or False' question linked to today's theme which allows children to explain their reasoning. Children will be recording their answers in their Home Learning Maths book.

Monday 1st March - Make Tally Charts

Tuesday 2nd March - Draw Pictograms (1-1)

Watch the video to help you with today's lesson.

Wednesday 3rd March Interpret pictograms (1-1)

Thursday 4th March - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10)