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Mental Health Week 2021

Mental Health Week 2021


Today starts the beginning of Mental Health Week 2021 and this year unlike previous years, most children are working from home rather than being in school. The Duchess of Cambridge has sent a special message to children and their families to mark this special week.


In normal circumstances schools throughout the United Kingdom would be running break time and lunch time mindful activities to encourage children to develop awareness of their own mental health and self-care. So that our children don’t miss out our Wellbeing team have put together some fun activities that you and your child can try at home. If you would like further information, assembly packs and activities linked to Mental Health Week see the Place 2 Be website. 


Please don’t feel pressured into completing any of the activities, what we would like to do is to think about your own and your families’ mental health. Do something this week to look after yourself, laugh and notice the feeling of contentment. Remember there is always help available if you need it. Never be afraid to pick up the phone and ask. Alternatively there are sources of help for mental wellbeing highlighted on our website. 


Thinking of you all the Wellbeing Team.


Monday 1st February: Friendship Bands

Today have a go at learning a new skill and make your own Friendship Band to wear for a friend this week. You should have received your kits in your home learning packs today. Don’t forget to share your ideas on the school blog.



Tuesday 2nd February: Create your own ‘Box of Happy Things’.


Go around your home today and find five things that make you happy. Use these items to cheer yourself up when feeling low or when you can’t think of what else to do. Items will be personal to everyone but here are a few things you might include in a happiness box.



  • A book because you will discover that reading can give you ‘somewhere to go’ when you have to ‘stay where you are’.
  • Colouring pens and paper
  • Bubbles
  • Teddy bear
  • Picture / photograph

Remember just like you, your box will be unique! If you have spare time today, you can decorate your box too. If you're feeling brave enough, you can, share your box contents on the school blog.


Wednesday 3rd of February: Find and Create a Mindful Stone

Go for a walk and find a mindful stone, it should be smooth to the touch. Each day hold the stone: focus on the stone and think what do you hear, feel, smell, see and taste. Breathe in and out slowly taking note of your senses and try and be in the moment.

Can’t go out, try playing ‘Simon Says’. Hop, skip, jump, frog jump, roll round you decide. Remember you lose, if Simon does not tell you to do it.



Thursday 4th February: Gratitude Card or Chain

Today, have a go at making a gratitude card to thank someone for something that they have done to help you. If you are feeling really appreciated why not make a gratitude chain and decorate your bedroom. Share what you're thankful for on the school blog and see if we can collectively come up with a school lockdown list.



Friday 5th February: Baking Together

Baking for others or with others is proven to have a positive impact on your mental health. Today look in a recipe book and cook something with an adult for your lunch or tea. Not only will you feel better but you will be being nourishing yourself and others at the same time.


You could extend this activity by trying some mindfulness, by exploring how the ingredients feel, smell and taste. Depending on what you decide to make you could even practice your breathing as you stir the mixture.


If you don’t have a cook book or anything to cook with, don’t worry why not have a look at Miss Bown’s cooking video on the school website and make a shopping list for the next time someone in your house goes shopping. Let’s know what you have cooked and share your pictures of your bakes on the school blog!