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Lesson 2:

First: Chris has sent some work in for you to do this week so sing along with the actions to Frere Jaques.

Next: Have a listen to Pachelbels Canon. This is a good example of how Composers use the Canon technique to build up different layers or texture in their music. Listen carefully and see how many different parts you can hear.

Finally: Have a sing-song at home with the Out of the Ark links below. Singing (just like exercise) is a really good way to lift your spirits if you're feeling a bit bored and loney. If you don't want to sing on your own then just move to the music. Or put on your favourite track and have a five minute sing and dance! (My favourite at the minute is 'You can't stop the Beat from the musical Hairspray!) smiley

You can also have another go at the You've Got a Friend in me. It takes time to learn a new song properly - especially with the Makaton.