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Snow Information



We would like to let you know the arrangements should we get heavy snow fall over the winter months. 


In the event of snow, we always aim to keep the school functioning as normal (including the Breakfast Club and After School Care provision) if we are able to staff and supervise the children to a satisfactory level.  However, this is not always possible and then it will be necessary to close the school; but rest assured that the decision to close the school is never taken lightly.  We must consider the safety of the school site, the road conditions, not just in Youlgrave but further afield; especially as many parents and staff live a considerable distance away.  We also need to ensure an adequate staffing complement is in place for the children. 


When a closure is made, either during the day or before school, this information will be posted on the school website, in addition to the Local Authority’s school closure page (; and is communicated to the local radio stations (Peak FM radio and Radio Derby). A text message will also be sent to parents, via the usual method, as soon as the decision to close the school has been taken.


During this winter if there is snow on the ground, PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD IN WARM CLOTHING AND WITH WELLIES/WALKING BOOTS; not only for playtimes but in case a situation arises on their way home that necessitates walking. 


If you find that you are stuck in the snow at the end of the day and will either be delayed or even unable to collect your children, please do not worry – do not put yourself in further danger by pressing on.  If you can, ring school to let us know and we will agree a plan of action with regard to where your child/children should go.  If you can’t get to a phone, do not be concerned about your children, they will be looked after. We will contact the next person on the contact list to make arrangements.