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PE in School/Sporting Events

Our aim at Youlgrave All Saints’ C of E Primary School is for all children to participate in and enjoy physical education, enabling them to fulfill their potential, develop positive attitudes, increase confidence, and improve their health and well-being through life-long participation in physical activity.



Our children have many opportunities to learn new skills and games and to take part in festivals and competitive sports, whilst also working towards setting personal challenges for themselves to be the best that they can be.

Active play is encouraged during break and lunchtimes led by Change 4 Life ambassadors and regular activity breaks are encouraged during lesson time by completing the ‘Mile a Day’ challenge and a variety of short physical, mindfulness and well-being exercises, otherwise known as ‘Go-Noodle!’  

As part of the Bakewell cluster sporting calendar there are opportunities to experience mini-soccer, football, cross country, tag rugby, dodgeball, athletics, cricket, dance, tennis, hockey and High 5 netball. This schedule of events means that by the time they leave Youlgrave All Saints' C of E Primary School, every child will have had the opportunity to be part of a team and represent the school in at least one competitive sport.


Youlgrave All Saints' C of E Primary School employs a specialist PE teacher to deliver the Physical Education curriculum and run extra-curricular activities. After-school sports clubs are held for each class. Clubs offered throughout the year so far, have included: gymnastics, tag rugby, multi-sports, dodgeball, High 5 mixed netball, football, hockey, yoga, dance and cheerleading.

By the end of the year it is our aim for every child to have participated in at least one extra-curricular club.