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Predator topic and Afternoon activities

Monday 1st March - Music

Our Music teacher Chris is going to join us for a live music lesson from 1.50pm - 2.20pm. It will be on Teams so look for the invite on Class 2 group. Today we need a plastic cup or beaker as well as our brass instrument.


If you are unable to access the music lesson, try this at home:

Lesson 22 - The Adams Family Cup Game - Part 2

There are two activities to try.


After the music lesson, try the Picture News activities.


Picture News

Click on our Collective Worship page or follow the link below to find out our Picture News question for the week. Watch the video and/or powerpoint and send me in your ideas to the blog - like we do in class.

Tuesday 2nd March


Today we are going to look at the dietary needs of predators. Diet is what an animal eats to survive as well as keeping them healthy and living. Have a go at 2 of the activities below. Use your book to present your ideas or be creative in how you show me your ideas and answers to the activities. Use the links to National Geographic website for more ideas for animals to include today.


Activity 1.

Start by finding out about the basic dietary needs of both domestic and wild animals by searching online. If you have a pet, read the labels of common pet foods to find out what they contain and compare this with the diet of a wild animal. If you do not have a pet, what do you think cats or dogs might eat as a pet? Research online safely (use KS2 when searching). Pick two wild animals and two domestic animals to find out what their diet is and compare them.


Activity 2.

Identify the similarities and differences between an animal and a human diet and show your findings in the best way, perhaps on a mind map or Venn diagram. You could also use a powerpoint or information sheet. It would be great to display some of these in class.


Activity 3.

Draw a horizontal line with the word ‘herbivore’ at one end and ‘carnivore’ at the other. Can you position a range of animal picture cards (perhaps from the ones we used last week) appropriately along the line. For example, an owl would be positioned at the carnivore end, whereas a cow would be placed at the opposite end. Where would you place yourself? See how many predators you can place on the line by either writing or drawing the animals. Use the resources below to help you.

Challenge - Can you include a mixture of mammals, sea creatures and insects?

Wednesday 3rd March

For this afternoon please use Miss Tonks's PE activities and ideas. Miss Tonks has suggested some core strength and agility activities and has left ideas on the PE star.


Alternatively, why not go for a walk or bike ride where you live for some exercise.

Thursday 4th March - RE

Go to our RE page for this afternoon's activity.


Friday 5th March

Click on the link below to watch a live broadcast from the National Aquarium website.