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PSHE and Well being

This half term our theme is Exploring our Emotions.


For our PSHE work this term, each week have a go at one of the activities below. Remember to send your ideas or work to me via the school blog or through Teams.



Activity 1.

Today we will be: Recognising a wide range of emotions in ourselves and others.

                            Responding appropriately to a range of emotions in ourselves and others.


1. Play music that is uplifting (makes you feel good or happy) from your own music or ask an adult to help you search of one online. How did this make you feel? Record your feelings in your book or just think about them.

2. Now think or discuss how it feels when someone smiles at you.

3. Make a list of things that make people feel good or happy inside. Write them in your book or record them on word or powerpoint.

4. Using the sunshine outline from the resources below, write on the lines/ rays things we could do to help other people feel good about themselves.

5. If you can, create or make a ‘Ray of Sunshine’ box. Include your own blank templates for you or others to nominate someone, each day or week, who has genuinely been kind and made them feel good.


The sun is then presented with the reason on the back - spread some sunshine!


Activity 2.

Today we will be: Extending vocabulary to help explain the range and intensity of feelings.

                            Recognising conflicting emotions.


1. Look at the Emotions page from the resources sheet.

2. On the sheet or in your book, draw and list emotions. Create a family list.

3. Now choose 3 different emotions. If the emotions were colours what colours would they be? Can you explain why? Present your work neatly on word, powerpoint or in your book.

4. Share ideas with an adult at home. Did they see the emotion in the same colour or was it different?

5. Which emotions feel comfortable/uncomfortable? Why? How do you know?