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Push Yourself

This star is for those of us who sometimes have to work a little bit harder in class to get the job done! Those of us who work hard with our spelling zappers, extra guided reading, or reading to an adult or friend, maybe practising our number-bonds or timestables! We have to push ourselves just that little bit harder - but we always feel proud of ourselved because we always try our best. On this page you will find some other activites to help you push yourself with your home learning. 

Spelling Zappers for w/c 8th February.

Our words this week are:

difficult, disappear, early, earth, eight, enough

If you want to practise these spellings you can find them on TopMarks / Y3/4 / Rule 27 and 28.

I will test you on your spellings in our afternoon meeting! 

Persuasive Speech writing help.

Handwriting for w/c 22nd February.

I have included your handwriting books in your folders. Please try to do a little bit each day - really take your time with your letter formation. It's important that you keep your handwriting to a high standard whilst you are at home ready for your writing assessments when you get back into school! 

Speech and Language.

Our key words for this term's topic are:

Charles Darwin

Galapagos Islands

Adapt / adaptation




Ancestor / ancestry




Speech and Language memory games:

I went to the Galalpagos Islands and I took with me.....

I went to the shops and I bought....

I went on holiday and I packed...

I went camping and I needed....

Guided Reading