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This half term our learning question is :

Why do Christians call the day Jesus died, Good Friday?



• Christians see Holy Week as the culmination of Jesus’ earthly life, leading to his death and resurrection.

• The various events of Holy Week, such as the Last Supper, were important in showing the disciples what Jesus came to earth to do.

• Christians today trust that Jesus really did rise from the dead, and so is still alive today.

• Christians remember and celebrate Jesus’ last week, death and resurrection.

Activity 1.  Palm Sunday.

What do you remember about Palm Sunday? Today you are going to show me how much you know about Palm Sunday and start to think about why it is such a special celebration for Christians.

Read the text about Palm Sunday and watch the video. You can read or watch these again if you need to.

The activity today is to create a super storyboard telling me all about Palm Sunday using 6 parts. You will need to include the main parts of the story by using 3 or 4 sentences (Year 3) or a paragraph (year 4) for each part as well as an illustration.


Divide your page into 6 equal parts (get an adult to help you) and then write the story of Palm Sunday. If you need some help, you may want to to use these as a guide:

1. Jesus and his disciples were on the way to Jerusalem.

2. Jesus tells two friends to fetch a donkey.

3.  The two disciples find the donkey and do as Jesus asked them to.

4. The disciples put coats on the donkey for Jesus to sit on.

5. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey.

6. People cheered and put palms on the floor for Jesus.


Challenge - Can you fit these quotes into your storyboard?

"If anyone asks who the donkey is for, tell them the Master needs it."

"Praise be to God, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."


With an adult at home, tell them why you think the people were so pleased to see Jesus. Why do you think Palm Sunday is important to Christians?

Palm Sunday text

Palm Sunday video 1 min 08 seconds

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