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Y5 / Y6  Grammar

Expanded noun phrase

Relative Clause

Modal verb


Colon and semi-colon


Y5 / Y6



Persuasive writing.

Whole class Reading Comprehension

Persuasive speech.

Whole class reading



Work for week beginning Monday 18th January.

This week we will be doing some comprehension work on a class text linked to our topic. You need to read the chapter 1 on Monday and then so the activity and comprehension questions, Chapter 2 and the acticity and question on Tuesday and the same on Wednesday. On Thursday we will write our own version of Chapter 4.

If you would prefer to listen to the text use the link below and login to the VRC page where I have recorded reading each chapter. 

I have inlcuded chapter 1 in your folders as a paper copy. If you would prefer to have a paper copy let me know via the Blog on Monday and I will leave the right number in the box outside school.

I've also recorded some teaching videos to help you with the tasks for each day. If you need any more help I'll be on the Blog to answer questions each morning.

The Phoenix Code. Chapter 1

The Phoenix Code. Chapter 2

The Phoenix Code. Chapter 3

Here are some sites where you can download free books to read if you would like to have a look.