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Ready, Steady Grow


In the Ready Steady Grow project your child will take part in practical activities to explore where food comes from. They will learn what seeds and plants need to grow and grow a variety of plants. They will explore what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, including eating fruit and vegetables, exercise and teeth brushing. They will find out about life on a farm and about baby animals.

Supporting your child at home

  • Visit your local library and find books about farms to share.
  • Make a shopping list together and go to the shops to buy the food.
  • Grow some quick growing plants or make a cress head.
  • Talk about healthy foods.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? resource below.

To fit our new topic, the role play area is now a farm shop full of real fruit, vegetables and flowers for the children to explore. They are really enjoying collecting up their shopping and weighing it out on the scales. 🍎  🌽 

Down on the Farm

We have started to think about life on a farm. We looked at these farming pictures and talked about what we could see, what we knew about farming and thought about all of the things we would like to learn over the coming weeks. 

The Gigantic Turnip

We looked at a selection of root vegetables, including a turnip. We talked about which vegetables they recognised and discussed how the edible part of these vegetables grows underground. We read the story of the gigantic turnip and thought about why the turnip was so difficult to pull from the ground. 

Plant and Animal Sources

We started to learn about where our food comes from. We talked about food being either plant or animal based and we sorted different food products into the two groups. 

Also part of our topic, we are incubating some eggs! Hopefully in another 2-3 weeks we will be hatching some chicks! A big thank you to Rose’s family for the loan of the incubator and sorting us with the eggs! 🐣 

Jasper’s Beanstalk

We shared the lovely story of Jasper’s Beanstalk. Jasper planted his bean but was too impatient to let it grow and he dug it up and threw it out on to the lawn! Well wasn’t Jasper in for a surprise! 
the children recreated the story in pictures.


This play based tray supporting the story was popular! The children were thrilled to find worms in the compost! 🪱 

Seed Sort

We have been learning how plants produce seeds so that they can grow new plants. The children have been exploring different types of seeds, using magnifying glasses to observe their different shapes, colours and textures.  Children were encouraged to describe the seeds and then try and sort hem by type!

Growing Beans

The children have been learning what seeds need to germinate - water, air, light and soil. We have set up our own germination experimental explore this. 4 seeds all given different conditions.



plus number 4 in the cupboard! 

The children made the following predictions:

Parts of a plant

The children did a great job labelling the 4 main parts of a plant. Roots, stem, leaves and flowers. 

Seed Packets

we had a special delivery to our class...!



The children have designed their own seed packets complete with instructions for the George the Giant. We can’t wait to see how he gets on growing his fruit and veg!


Time to grow

On Monday we planted some little gem lettuces, radishes and cress seeds. 

Are carrots orange?

We had a look at these pictures of fruits and vegetables in different colours! This got the children thinking - would they taste different? Would we like to try a blue banana? What colour would we make apples? 

Handa’s Surprise

We shared the lovely story of Handa’s Surprise. We talked about the country Kenya, and how different fruits can grow there due to its climate. The children were introduced to some new fruits such as Guava, Passion Fruit, and Mango (we’re going to taste these next week!). 

🐣 They’ve hatched!

We were all very excited on Thursday when our eggs started to hatch (staff and children alike!). We had 4 arrive on Thursday, a further 3 on Friday and 1 hung on until Saturday. The children have loved watching the chicks and we are looking forward to a couple more days observing them next week before we have to say goodbye!  

The arrival of our chicks prompted some appropriate crafts!

Animals and their Babies

This week we asked - do baby animals always look like their babies? How are animals similar and different from their parents? Which animal do you like best? We enjoyed talking about the features of baby animals and how they change as they grow. 

Herding Sheep

We had fun learning about the role of a sheep dog and how they help farmers. We gave our Bee-Bots a little transformation 🐑 and the children had to work together to guide them in to their sheep pens just like a sheep dog!

Animal Pictogram

We asked everybody what their favourite farm animal was and created a pictogram, each child adding their own choice to the chart. We then used our pictogram to compare and discuss which animal was the most popular.