In March, all of the pupils at All Saints went on a fascinating trip to a Mosque and a Hindu temple in Derby. This is the report written by Class Two:


When we arrived at the Open Centre we had to leave our bags because we were not allowed food in the special places. Then we walked sensibly to the Hindu temple which took us about five minutes to get there. It was beautiful to look at and we all gasped at the twinkling lights. When we entered, we had to take our shoes off to show respect. Then we sat down on a carpet and it was so peaceful until… April and Ben (two students) rang a big bell which told God that we had arrived.


Inside the Hindu temple we learnt all about the symbol (om) and how if you were at the top of this symbol you were closer to God. Next, we calmly walked around the main shrine which had different marble forms of God which included Ganesh. After we got changed into traditional saris some red, purple, blue and many sparkly ones.


Next, we went to the mosque, it was a little walk to get there. We were guided into a huge room which had individual prayer mats on which faced Mecca. Whilst there we got to hear the special call to prayer. Lastly, we went back to the open Centre to enjoy our delicious lunch and made some block printing art which resembled symbols that were used by the Ashanti Tribe.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our school trip and learnt a lot!

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