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The Scented Garden

Monday 22nd February

What plants and flowers can you see at a garden centre?

Our theme for this half term is The Scented Garden and we hoped to start with a class visit to a local garden centre. Have you been to a garden centre?

Watch the video and pause it from time to time to talk about all the different things you can see in the garden centre. What different plants and flowers can you see? How do you look after them?

Tuesday 23rd February

What plants and flowers are growing in your garden?

Go for a walk around your garden or local area to see what plants and flowers are growing there. What do they look like? What do they smell like? Can you have a go at taking some photos of what you find? Remember some plants are dangerous and shouldn't be touched.

Wednesday 24th February

What is a florist?

Have you ever given someone flowers? Why do we give people flowers? Where can we get flowers from?

Watch the short video about a visit to a florist.


Can you make a flower arrangement in a vase or pot. Sometimes the flowers need to be trimmed. What will the flowers need to help them last a long time? Can you name the different parts of the flower? Take a photo of your flower arrangement. When your flowers are past their best have a go at pressing them. Look what you can make using pressed flowers!

Thursday 25th February

Can you design your own flowering plant?

Have a look at these pictures of plants and your photos from earlier in the week. Can you draw your own flowering plant in a pot? Remember to include all the different parts of a plant in your picture. Think about what shape your flowers and leaves are going to be and the colours you are going to use. Can you use your paints to mix different shades of colours for your plant?