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Joe Wicks work at The Body Coach on YouTube...😀

Hope you’re all ready for school at home today. Don’t forget to try and get yourself into a bit of a routine and find yourself a space to work in. Good luck everyone!

Hi Class 3.

Hope you're all doing OK - the last day in school for us tomorrow, it is very strange! I've now created a Y6 and a Y5 star page on the Learning from Home section. This is mainly for math, spelling and grammar activities - which are at different levels for each year group - and you should all have the paper copies of these too so that you can complete them at home. Next week, I'll set power points on the main 'Learning from home page' as we've been doing already but will also ask you to look at your homework paper packs (which are now also saved in the year group stars).

This all sounds rather complicated - but please don't worry it will hopefully make more sense on Monday. For now complete the work that is on the powerpoint and then enjoy your weekend! I'll be in touch again soon. 

Mrs P. 

Morning All.

We now have some children and families self isolating so I will start putting work on our Home Learning site from this afternoon. We have prepared some work for if the whole school closes down but whilst we are still in and teaching I will try to keep the children at home up to speed with the activities we are doing in class. 

I have my PPA this afternoon so will use some of this time to put together some resources and ideas for the rest of this week.

Keep smiling everyone! Mrs P. 

Well done to all of our musicians who performed at Lady Manners on Friday night!

Using our working walls and laptops to draft and publish our Pestilence speeches.

Wow....we’ve all had a lovely time and really enjoyed our school sleepover. The children have been amazing and so well behaved, as always you should be really proud of them. Plus, whilst having so much fun we’ve also been able to raise nearly £200 for Manicaland in Zimbabwe!

The morning after the night before....

Story time everyone!

Hot chocolate and snack time....

Film time at the sleepover....

Don't forget to take some photos of you reading for world book day! Mrs Prince took her book to the park!!!

The end of our Alchemy Island topic....what comes next?!

Safer Internet day...being kind online.

During writing lessons we’ve used our knowledge and experiences on Alchemy Island to construct letters home to ask to be rescued, suspenseful writing about travelling through the village to a local graveyard and gold fact-files. We’ve also studies a poem called Spinner by Gwen Dum about a spiders who has his secret web revealed after a cold and frosty night.


In art we have been developing skills related to drawing with perspective. We’ve  revisited the colour wheel to think about complementary colours and warm and cold colours. We’ve then combined these to create a fantasy landscape of somewhere we might expect to see on Alchemy Island.

Fantasy Landscapes

For science this term we have been looking at the changing states of materials. We’ve learnt about the differences between solids liquids and gases and we’ve used this knowledge to think about how we can mix and separate different solutions. 

Separating Mixtures

On Monday we received a package from a contact on Alchemy Island - inside we found rainbow sand, stinky gloop, gold nuggets, steel balls, glass crystals, golden orbs and copper pieces. In order to learn more about this magical island and the things that come from it we tested the properties of these materials in our science lesson. We thought about the hardness, transparency, solubility, conductivity and magnetism of each material. We've also written letters home to let loved ones know where we are now that we've travelled through our portals to Alchemy Island. Watch this space and we might share some of our letters with you! 

Treasures from Alchemy Island...