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Wellbeing Ambassadors

At Youlgrave All Saints' Primary School we have a team of pupils who have been externally trained to ensure they and their fellow pupils are supported with all aspects of mental well-being both in school and out.

There are displays around school to support all children in all aspects of well-being, including external agencies who can provide confidential support. 

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Agenda December 2020

  1. Welcome
  2. Express Yourself
  3. Wellbeing boxes
  4. Help box


Minutes December 2020

  1. Apologies from Miss McVeigh
  2. Express Yourself - We discussed the mental health week 2021 Express Yourself. It was decided that the Wellbeing Ambassadors would make a display in the hall titled 'Express Yourself'. We asked if parents could be informed of the campaign and to send in pictures of children and their families doing things that make them feel happy, which we will turn in to a display for the hall. We decided that we would run events during morning playtime linked to the five ways to wellbeing during Mental Health week. Nell is going to write up how to plait a Friendship bracelet. Vince, Cass and Rowan are going to lead on the physical activities to be run. Vincent and Rowan to organise wool for the friendship bracelets. 
  3. We decided to call our Wellbeing boxes 'boxes of happy things' for children to access during playtimes on the playground. We are all taking responsibility for encouraging our class mates and younger children to use them when needed. 
  4. Lily agreed to design the cover for our help box which we would like to call the Chat Box. Mrs Houghton to supply the box.