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What we’ve been up to

⭐️This weeks awards⭐️

Well done to this weeks super stars!

Not forgetting our this weeks Star of the week and Sports Award winner Toby, who I didn’t get a picture of this week!


We have been doing something a little bit different in English this week. Next week Youlgrave church welcomes a new Vicar, and we have put together a whole school prayer book with each child having written a prayer. I was blown away by the prayers our Reception children wrote, they were all very thoughtful and touching and written up so beautifully. They worked very hard on them this week - and they should all have brought a copy of their prayer home in their book bags on Friday. 


We have moved beyond 10 this week and we have been learning more about ‘teen’ numbers. The children have been finding finding and making different representations of numbers up to 20, practising writing their numbers, completing missing number lines and lots of counting forwards and backwards to and from 20 starting from any number.

🇬🇧 Jubilee Preparations 🇬🇧 

We have been getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next week! We have made Queen’s head sun catchers - which you will see on our classroom window. The children have done an amazing job painting their own portraits of the Queen for our display, as well as creating our own Union Jack bunting and paper chain decorations for our classroom. 🇬🇧 

Topic - Animal Safari

Feathered Friends

We took a closer look at birds this week, looking at birds from around the world, focussing on the bright colours and patterns of their feathers. The children all created their own brightly coloured bird for our display. 


We have been thinking about the different animals that lay eggs and comparing their size, colour and texture. . We also learned that some animals lay their eggs in a nest, while some bury them, and others lay them in water. 

Herbivores and Carnivores

The children have been grouping animals into meat based eaters and plant based eaters and thinking about food chains. 

Scientific Animal Drawings

This week we talked about how before we had cameras, the only way for people to record what different animals looked like was through detailed drawings. The children then chose an animal to have a go at drawing themselves using just a pencil. They did a fabulous job!

Play Time 

We have been making the most of the lovely sunshine this last two weeks! ☀️