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What we’ve been up to!

Team Building in PE.

We worked hard to improve our communication, listening and problem solving skills to work together as a team, to cross from one side of the 'crocodile swamp' to the other!

Learning to play Unihoc in our PE lessons.

Red Nose Day!

Science and ICT

Books in boxes 

World Book Day 2022


We enjoyed the Easter sensory labyrinth. We heard parts of the Easter story at each table and got to taste unleaven bread and olives, we smelled vingear at the crucifixion and waved palm leaves for the entry into Jerusalem. We also enjoyed sequencing images of Holy week that we found in our Easter 'pass the parcel'. 

Science - Plants 

Look what is starting to grow in our garden! We enjoyed our plant hunt, tasting fruit and vegetables and making observational drawings of plants. 

Brilliant Builders: Three Little Pigs - Alternative materials 

Online safety - What is safe to share?

Choosing time 

Brilliant builders - The Three Little Pigs

Lighthouses -  Painting stripes 

Beach Huts and Lighthouses

Sorting everyday materials