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Working from home

Computing Lesson Wednesday 15th July 2020. Use the Computing Vocabulary to help you with your instructions.

PSHE Lesson - Money Matters - 08.07.20

Music Lesson - Creature Creations Wednesday 24th June 2020

Geography Lesson


Wednesday 8th July 2020


Please open the 'Where Do I Live?' lesson below. Colour in the parts of the world where you live, label the place names. Change 'city' to village or town, depending on where you live. 

New PE Lessons! 


Please use the following details to log into the website: 


The website address is: 
Parent email:


Please go to Early Years/KS1 -  Day 1 Pirates. Work your way through the 5 activities, listening carefully to the instructions. You don't have to do all of the activities today, you could space them throughout the week. Make sure you have plenty of room around you. Have fun!! 



RE Activities  - Islam



Friday 19th June 2020


Please watch and listen to the BBC Bitesize video about Muslim prayer. 


Look through the beautiful Mosque prayer mat photos (below). Discuss the patterns and colours you see. 

Design your own prayer mat using the template below. Add symbols and pictures that are special to you. Talk about what they are special. 


Friday 26th June 2020 

Rangoli Patterns


1. Read through the Powerpoint and enjoy looking at the beautiful Rangoli patterns and learning about how they are made. 

2. Using the photos from the Powerpoint as inspiration; create your own Rangoli patterns.

There are some Rangoli pattern templates uploaded below. Or you could draw your own. 

You could use:

coloured bits of paper, like a collage

felt tips



coloured rice (use food colouring to dye dried rice and let it dry for a few hours)


Friday 10th July 2020


Please watch the Islamic story of 'The Prophet and the Ants' and 'The Crying Camel'. Make notes about the story.  and draw your own illustrations. 

Before watching the film, ask yourself "who is most important to God?" Think about this question again after you have watched the film. Discuss ways that we care for all creatures from the smallest to the largest, for example feeding our pets. Children could create a bug hotel, demonstrating a practical way to care for even the smallest creatures. They could role-play in the roles of the camel and his owner. Think about why the camel was crying, and how he felt at the beginning and end of the story.




Science Activities


Our topic this half term is called Wriggle and Crawl. Here are some fun science activities for you to do at home. 


Visit the Natural History Museum website to find out information about minibeasts and nature: 



Week commencing 6th July 2020


Food Preferences! 

Open the lesson below to find your exciting science experiment for this week. 



Week commencing 13th July 2020


Protection and Camouflage! 

Open the lesson and pdf below to find out what you're doing this week. 

W/C 6th July 2020 - Food Preferences

Minibeast Hunt Recording Sheet

Lockdown Positives Activity


Please read through this activity and have a go at filling in the stars and bubbles. Think about what new skills, talents and special qualities you have discovered during lockdown. This is a very difficult time, but we need to remember it won't last forever and think about all of the positive things you have done over the last few months. 


See my ideas for new skills below... 

Art Tutorials! 


This is a lovely way for the family to stay occupied over the next few weeks! Pete McKee is a Sheffield based artist who is sharing videos of drawing tutorials. For art this afternoon, please watch and follow the Pete McKee art video on drawing robots: 



Build Your Own Minibeast Super Bug! 


There is lots of information about minibeasts on this website if you follow the tabs on the left hand side.


Here you will find some great activities to complete. Follow the instructions in the starter, main session part 1, main session part 2 and the plenary. Make sure you use the key to help you sort the minibeasts in part 1.


Now that you have seen lots of different minibeasts, you are going to create your own super bug!

Click on the lesson document below. 



Woodland Art

Follow the link below and go to number 4. Get creative outside, even if it is raining! You could build a tower out of twigs, make a pattern using colourful petals, or even make funny faces on the woodland/garden floor. 


09. 07. 20

Minibeast Art


Open the word document below to find out how to create some fantastic minibeasts!



Aboriginal Wildlife Paintings

Please watch the video about creating your own Aboriginal wildlife painting. Use colours shown in the video and describe what you are painting.




Fun screen-free activities to keep you busy at home!



Out of the Ark Music is a lovely website with lots of songs to sing at home. They are offering free resources for you to access. 

Please watch the daily phonics lessons here:

Reception: please watch the set 1 and set 2 videos. 

Years 1 and 2: please alternate between watching the set 2 and set 3 videos. 


Thank you! 

A fellow teacher has created this drawing challenge, which I think is a fantastic way to keep busy whilst at home. See how many things you can draw from the list!