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Wednesday 3rd March

Lets start by practicing our reading. Ask your child to say the sounds in order and then focus on the circled sounds (Fred's special friends). 

Once familiar with the speed sounds - try practising them in different orders. 


Now practice the Story Green words and Red Words

Remember to use Fred Talk and then say the word. Remember you can't Fred a red - this word will have to be learnt by sight - so no sounding out! 


Story time

Todays book is 'In the Bin', it's a story about children helping Mum to tidy up!




Now we're going to practice our writing

First job, write the full date in to your English book - Wednesday 3rd March 2021. Next complete each sentence shown below on a new line in your writing book. Use the pictures to work out the missing word. Children should be encouraged to use Fred Talk and pinch fingers to sound out the word. Children should try and write these words independently. For each sentence remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



Now it's time to practice handwriting 

Each letter should be written on a new line and copied out four times.


Don't forget to praise your child throughout the activities by making a fanning gesture with your hand and telling them they're fantastic!