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Thursday 4th June 2020


Good morning Year 1.


For English we are going to use a new website. Click on Scroll down to Learning at home Packs for English. Now go to Year 1 English week 8. It’s poem time! Go to Listen to the Superhero ABC, written by Bob Macleod.

1. Look at the page showing the superhero Laughing Lass. Who is the enemy she saves the world from? o Repeat for Mr Quick, Rain Man and Volcano: who are their enemies?  Do you know the names of any other superheroes’ special enemies? (Lex Luthor for Superman, the Green Goblin for Spider Man, etc.) 
2. Describing super-villains Let’s revise what we learned yesterday about describing superpowers using -ing words.   Use Thinking about Action Words to remind yourself.  Scroll down to the Super-Villains: The Joker for Batman’s big enemy.  Read the powerful words used to describe the Joker, his clothes and where he is based.  Can you suggest some other words to describe him? 

 3. Invent a super-villain Yesterday you created a superhero. Today you are going to invent their super-villain enemy! o Use the Super-Villain ID form to capture all your good ideas. o Remember to use really powerful vocabulary to describe them. 


I have uploaded the lessons for this week below this message. 


It would be great to see your work on our Class 1 blog!


Please watch and join in with the phonics lesson for a-e make a cake today.


Maths: I have uploaded the lessons for this week below this message. There are video links to guide you through the activities as well. Today's lesson is on measuring capacity. 


This BBC Bitesize page will help you with capacity and volume:


I have uploaded some extra problem solving and reasoning maths activities below. 


Beat That Maths - See how many number sentences you can complete in 30 seconds.



Read for 15 minutes and talk to an adult about what you have read.


Don’t forget to use GoNoodle to break up the activities as well as the daily mile.


For other activities, click on

Make sure you click on age 5-7.   You can try some of the creative activities. 


Remember, we are not expecting you to complete all the work so do what you can and have fun.


Enjoy your day of learning.


Miss Eaton and Miss Critchlow




BBC Bitesize is now live for children and parents to use. It is a fairly easy to use web resource that covers all age related expectations with videos and on line activities as well as printable activities. These can be used alongside the work we set or for children to have a go at if they find something interesting that they want to learn about.

Extra Maths Problem Solving and Reasoning Activities

Beat That Maths timer

Big Maths Beat That - w/c 1st June

Big Maths Beat That - w/c 1st June 1

Maths games

Follow the link below to see a selection of great maths games and puzzles to have a go at.

Computing - Make your own animations and games on Scratch!

Set 3 sounds to practice

Set 3 sounds to practice  1

Phonics reading activity - spot 'er' in the text! There are three different levels to have a go at.