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BBC Bitesize is live for children and parents to use. It is a fairly easy to use web resource that covers all age related expectations with videos and on line activities as well as printable activities. These can be used alongside the work we set or for children to have a go at if they find something interesting that they want to learn about.


Thursday 4th June 2020

Good morning Year 2. 


For the spelling click on then click on the class Login tab in the top right-hand corner then enter the user name eatonclass1 and the password allsaints. Now click on Extra Practise Zone. The instructions of how to use the Read Write Inc Spelling website are also below. 

Today you are going to work on spelling the vowel – ay sound (aigh, eigh, ei, ey). It's the 7th activtity when you've clicked 'spell the vowel'. 


Please watch and join in with the phonics lesson for a-e make a cake today.



For English click on Scroll down to Learning at home Packs for English. Now go to Year 2 English week 8.

I have uploaded the lessons for this week below this message. 

You will be using conjunctions to join ideas. Read the set of Conjunctions. Now read the pairs of sentences on Wombat’s Busy Day.  Rewrite each pair of sentences as one full sentence with a conjunction linking the two parts. Check with the set of Possible Answers.  
Planning to write a new story.Tomorrow, you are going to write the diary entry of an animal who causes all sorts of trouble for a family. Today you will plan your story. Decide which animal will feature in your story. Record this on My Animal Diary Planner. Decide which day of the week your diary entry will be for. o Have fun thinking of the three things your animal does that cause big trouble for the family. Look at the Diary Suggestions.



For Maths click on and have a go at Summer term Week 6 (w/c 1st June) lesson 5. Today you are focusing on odd and even numbers. 

I have uploaded the lessons for this week below this message. 

There is a short video to show you what to do and then there are some questions for you to have a go at.

The answers are also there so you can check how well you have done. 

There is a BBC Bitesize video here to help you:


We would love to see the work you are doing at home. Try uploading pictures of your of work or activities you are doing at home onto our class blog.


Big Maths Beat That- Try to beat your score from Monday. 


Read for 15 minutes and talk to an adult about what you have read.


 Listen to Michael Rosen reading his poem 'Air'. Now read the poem yourself. Read the poem again using expression. Can you draw illustrations for the poem? Click on the link


Don’t forget to use GoNoodle to break up the activities as well as the daily mile.


For other activities, click on

Make sure you click on age 5-7.   You can try some of the creative activities. 


Remember, we are not expecting you to complete all the work so do what you can and have fun.


Enjoy your day of learning.

Miss Eaton and Miss Critchlow




Year 2 Beat That Maths timer

Big Maths Beat That - w/c 1st June

Big Maths Beat That - w/c 1st June 1

Maths games

Follow this link to find a selection of maths games and puzzles.

Please find PE and sport activities on our website by following the link below: 

Art Tutorials! 


This is a lovely way for the family to stay occupied over the next few weeks! Pete McKee is a Sheffield based artist who is sharing videos of drawing tutorials. He is uploading a new video each Wednesday.

This is the link to his Youtube channel:

Computing - make your own animations and games on Scratch!