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Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning Year 2 children. 

Please have a go at these activities from your home learning pack.

D - Developing    E - Emerging  GD - Greater Depth     VF - Varied Fluency   RPS - Reasoning and Problem Solving 

1. Maths – Answer the ‘D PS and the E  PS' questions on the Subtract with 2-digits 1. If you feel you can have a go at the 'GD PS'. Now try matching the sums to the answers using all numbers that are multiples of 10.

2. GAPS – Try the ‘D R and A and the E R and A' from the all four sentence types. If you feel you can have a go at the 'GD R and A'.

3. Comprehension – Look at the ‘Holiday Park’ and complete the adult led questions and the vocab.

4. Read for 15 minutes and talk to an adult about what you have read.

5. TT Rockstars for 15 minutes.


6. Complete 'The Holiday Park' SPAG questions 1 and 2 in the home learning pack.


7. Beat that Maths. Try to beat your score from Wednesday.


Don’t forget to use GoNoodle to break up the activities as well as the daily mile.

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Critchlow and Miss Eaton


Art Tutorials! 


This is a lovely way for the family to stay occupied over the next few weeks! Pete McKee is a Sheffield based artist who is sharing videos of drawing tutorials. Part 1 is how to draw cartoon faces  He is uploading a new video each Wednesday.

This is the link to his Youtube channel:

Year 2 Beat That Maths timer

Computing - make your own animations and games on Scratch!