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Year 4

Week beginning Monday 1st June 2020.


Good morning Class 2 - Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your half term break.


For those of you who work with Miss Critchlow of a morning, I have included the link below to the work she has set for you. You can always call back here for any of our other activities to try.

Miss Critchlow


For Maths this week click on and have a go at Summer term week 6 lessons 1 to 5. Lesson 1 is for Monday, lesson 2 for Tuesday and so on.

There is a short video to show you what to do and then some questions to answer. The answers are also there so you can check how well you have done. I have included a video from BBC Bitesize as well if you want to use it to help.


Then have 10-15 minutes on TT Rockstars.


For our English activity today, have a go at the English work for Week 8 days 1 to 5 over the week which are below. Have fun.


Enjoy poetry?

If you enjoy poetry or want to listen to some great poetry, try this website that has lots of poets reading poems for you to listen to. There is a featured poet each day and why not get adults listening with you.


Take some time to read for 20 minutes at some point in the day.


Spelling use the instructions below to log on using our school username and password. Have a go at the 'Spell the vowel' (the next one, page 4 - '-ure' sound) activity today.

Don't forget that you can test yourself on the Year 4 spellings as well. The list is below.


Afternoon activities 1st to 5th June

Monday - Our new topic is 'Road Trip USA'. To start off, use the blank map of the United States and see how many states you can label. See if anyone at home knows where any of the states are and then use an atlas or map to find the other states. There is an answer sheet so you can check your work.

This website might help with the work as well.


Tuesday - Geography - Weather and Climate

Watch this clip from BBC Bitesize about weather and climate and then try the activities.


Wednesday - Science - Food Chains

Watch the BBC Bitesize video here  and then have a go at the activities. If you can, as an extension activity, see if you can devise your own food chain based on a local walk or your favourite type of habitat. 


Thursday - Geography - Computing

Today you will be planning a trip to New York City. Can you decide which places are best to visit and plan them using a grid map? Be precise with your directions (N, E, S, W etc) and guide people from one place to the other using the map. If you can, either use a computer program such as Scratch or write down or type using the commands forward 3 squares or left 2 squares to guide people around using the map.


BBC Bitesize is now live for children and parents to use. It is a fairly easy to use web resource that covers all age related expectations with videos and on line activities as well as printable activities. These can be used alongside the work we set or for children to have a go at if they find something interesting they want to learn about.

Below is a link to various maths games for you to have a go at at home. If you know of a maths game that other children would like, let me know.

Mr Scully

Beat That Maths timer