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Year 4

Move up day!

Good Morning Year 4, soon to be Year 5! So, sometime this week we would have normally done our move up day and I am so sad that we haven’t been able to do this in the normal way, but hey, we’re all pretty good at coping with new things now. I would still like to learn a bit more about you so I have put together a little move up day pack for you all. For those of you in school I will hand it out today and for those of you not in school I will leave it in the collection box on the bench. It will be in a plastic wallet with your name on it. If your pack hasn’t been collected by Tuesday then I will post them out to you. It looks as if we’re all going to be back in school in September so I’m really looking forward to seeing you all then. Feel free to say hi to me on the class blog or ask any questions about the move up work. Have a fab summer everyone and see you all soon! Mrs Prince. smiley

Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020.


Good morning Class 2. 


For those of you who work with Miss Critchlow of a morning, I have included the link below to the work she has set for you. You can always call back here for any of our other activities to try.

Miss Critchlow


For Maths this week click on and have a go at Summer term week 12 lessons 1 to 5. Lesson 1 is for Monday, lesson 2 for Tuesday and so on.

There is a short video to show you what to do and then some questions to answer. The answers are also there so you can check how well you have done. I have included a video from BBC Bitesize as well if you want to use it to help.

Friday is Maths Challenge day

Have a go at the questions on your own or why not work with someone at home to see how many you can complete correctly. 


Then have 10-15 minutes on TT Rockstars.


For our English activity today, have a go at the English work for Week 14 days 1 to 5 over the week which are below.

  • Day 1 Read the story of Icarus by Ruth Merttens and Anne Holm Petersen and answer a series of questions. Read a longer text version and express a preference. Sequence the story and retell it orally to family members.
  • Day 2 – Re-read Icarus and compare the two written stories with an animated version of the myth. Read a diary entry as if written by Daedalus and then write a diary entry as if written by Icarus.
  • Day 3 – Begin to read a longer and more complex version of the story of Icarus, responding to a series of questions about the tale as you read. Read a set of instructions, noting the key features of instruction texts, before then writing Daedalus’s instructions for how to escape the labyrinth.
  • Day 4 – Finish reading the longer and more complex telling of Icarus and then watch a live-action version of the story. Consider all the versions of the myth heard or seen, offering opinions on each and selecting the best of the set.
  • Day 5 – Read the poem ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’ by Emily Dickinson. Look up some difficult words and answer questions about the poem. Write about hopes for the future for family and friends.


Enjoy poetry?

If you enjoy poetry or want to listen to some great poetry, try this website that has lots of poets reading poems for you to listen to. There is a featured poet each day and why not get adults listening with you.

Why not check out poems by Michael Rosen. There is a link to his poem here as well as his website.


Take some time to read for 20 minutes at some point in the day.


Spelling use the instructions below to log on using our school username and password. Have a go at any activities you have not completed. Why not try this BBC Bitesize activity on different spelling strategies and rules.

Don't forget that you can test yourself on the Year 4 spellings as well. The list is below.


Afternoon activities (13th - 17th July)

Monday - Sound

We live in a noisy world. In this lesson, we are going to use observation and enquiry skills to investigate how sound travels.

What do you know about sound already? Jot down what you know and ask someone at home what they know.


Watch the BBC Bitesize clip  and then have a go at the activities. There are a couple of practical activities to try and the instructions are below.


There is also another Science activity on Light on the Year 3 page if you have already attempted this Sound activity. 



Art - Make your own comic strip.

I used to love creating my own comics when I was at school. I always read comics such as The Beano, Dandy and Whizzer and Chips. Today you get to create your own comic. I have included a BBC Bitesize clip  that may help you and the blank comic strips are below for you to use, however you can make your own if you want. Have fun.


Wednesday - My Project

Today you will be able to create your own project. It can be on any topic that you are interested in or know a lot about. It could be about whales, dolphins, sharks or dogs. You may want to research your favourite sport or an instrument you play. Pick whatever theme you want and create your own project. You could research your theme using the internet or books you have at home or you may know a lot about it already. Present your topic as a powerpoint or as a booklet or as a poster. You choose. Have fun.


Thursday - German

Have a look at the German clips from BBC Bitesize which are all about school.  Watch the three clips and for each one, create a word bank of the important words you have looked at. Remember to practice saying the words and test yourself at the end by asking someone at home to test you on the words you have written down.

BBC Bitesize is now live for children and parents to use. It is a fairly easy to use web resource that covers all age related expectations with videos and on line activities as well as printable activities. These can be used alongside the work we set or for children to have a go at if they find something interesting they want to learn about.

Below is a link to various maths games for you to have a go at at home. If you know of a maths game that other children would like, let me know.

Mr Scully

Beat That Maths timer