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Year 5

Use this timetable to help you plan your week.

Topic Work - Revolution.

Using the Knowledge Organiser and Fun Facts sheet spend the next two afternoons getting an overview of the Victorian Era and making any notes using the KWI table method - things I already Know, things I Would like to know more about, things the I find Interesting and we'll share these on the class blog. I'll then try and use your KWI grids to plan what work we do the rest of this half term.


Use the BBC website link below for the 'Found Sounds' composition activity. Then use the YouTube link to begin learning the Bruno Mars song 'You can count of me'.

Week Beginning 1st June.

Hi Folks. So we are now technically in Summer 2 Week 1 of your Year 5 term. But that is Week 6 in maths and week 8 in English and lots of other different things in different places! I hope you are all feeling re-energised after the half-term and are ready to get back to it! I've tweaked a couple of things again and may tweak some more in the coming weeks - depending on how things go. No more Big Maths now; we've come to the end of that course. I'll look to see if there is anything similar I can post to replace it and keep those mental math skills ticking over. I've also taken out the BBC English as I think the Hamilton is 'chunky' enough to keep us all busy and includes reading, grammar and writing so does the job nicely. Our next topic is Revolution. Spend a couple of afternoons (it's a big document) getting to grips with the Knowledge Organiser as this gives you a good overview. Please keep in touch via the Blog - I've missed you all this week! - and keep posting photos and work because I'm going to try and use them for a display! Come on Y5 - we can do this! Mrs P smiley

Week Beginning 18th May.

Hi Everyone.

The last week of term - although it's been a very different half-term for us all! Spelling and the White Rose math are same as last week. The English work is based on the Shaun Tan book Eric - which is great. You can just do the first 3 days of English and spread them over the week if you want as there is a lot of work there again. Topic work has 3 or 4 tasks you can choose from. Science is BBC Bitesize and the MFL and RE are links on the Y5 page. Keep posting on the Class Blog and I'll be on there during the week before leaving an end of term video on Friday! Stay Alert everyone! Mrs P smiley   

Week Beginning 11th May.

Hi Folks - I hope you enjoyed the long Bank Holiday weekend, VE day celebrations and the lovely weather again!

The timetable is at the top so follow that again and I've updated the page so all the links are there for the work you'll do this week. A couple of tweaks to make again though. I've added 3 'Special Focus' spelling sheets to do as a challenge if you're finding the RWInc website work too easy. Remember, we all have things we're good at and not so good at. So, if spellings is something you're not so good at keep working on the vowel sounds pages on RWInc. White Rose math have changed their website a bit. They're doing two different things on there now which is a bit confusing so I've just downloaded the lessons and video links I'd like you to do this week - the answers are there still too so that you can check and mark your work. On Friday go to the Bitesize website and do the math challenge. I'll go through one or two of them on the video blog again on Friday so don't stress it if you're finding them tough! The English is week 6 of Hamilton. If I were teaching this I'd be making the Mon-Wed lessons last all could do this too if you wanted. After your letter to MaIala you could think about writing your own speech on a topic you're passionate about. I don't think I up-loaded the German last week so there are two on there this week linked to colour.

I think that's it for now. I'll keep in touch on the Class Blog and I'll update here again next weekend.

Take care, Mrs P.

Week beginning 4th May.

Hi Everyone. This week looks a little different in the afternoons because we're going to do some work leading up to the VE day Bank Holiday on Friday. The Fact-File has three levels to choose from * = easier, **= medium, ***= more challenging. For the bunting I'd suggest printing one (if you can) and then tracing another 2-3 so that you can create a small chain of bunting for one of your windows. On Friday you can access 'normal work' on the website if you want to, or you can try some of the VE day bank holiday activities - baking / singing / picnic and games.

The spelling work from this week focuses on 'vowel sounds'; they get progressively more difficult as you go through them - you'll also need to try and remember which one you've done last as they all have the same label...If you are finding them too easy then skip on a bit and/or use the Y5/6 spelling list to challenge yourself - the more of these you know the better. I'll look for some other spelling work for next week for those 'super spellers' out there who need an extra challenge.

The Hamilton writing is really good I think but there is a lot to do in each lesson - don't forget you can always spread one lesson over two days (or more) if you need to. I often find with my own planning and teaching planning that what I think will take me 4 days often takes 2 weeks so don't worry if you need to spend a bit longer on the activities to get a good quality piece of work! 

I think you're doing a super job guys and I know I keep saying this but it is lovely to see all of you work, efforts and activities - keep going!!!!

Mrs Prince. 

Monday 27th - Friday 1st May.

Hi Folks - so I'm going to try leaving you to it a bit more this week. I've included a timetable at the top of the page which tells you what subjects you should be doing and when. The links are in the timetable or on your year group page. Hopefully, having the whole week in advance will help you and folks at home organise your time a bit better. I know from teaching my own children that we can't always work everyday or at the same time everyday and I thought knowing what you should be doing might make it easier to prioritise certain subjects or activities.. Our new thing to try this week is the Hamilton English lessons - they are quite lengthy but again do what you can. It might be that you decide only to do one or two of the English lessons over 4-5 days but do a really good job of them rather than trying to do everything and getting bored and frustrated with it! You might also want to miss out the BBC English lessons - or do a BBC lesson one day and a Hamilton the next.

Instead of posting on here everyday I'm going to be concentrating more on the Class Blog. So, I'll update our timetable and the links each weekend on here and keep in touch with you during the week on the Class Blog.

Hope that all makes sense - if not you can ask me on the Blog Pages!