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Year 6

Here is this week's timetable - use it to plan your weekly home learning.

It is 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. Queen Victoria is holding an end-of-exhibition dinner. Design a number of pieces of artwork to display at the exhibition and/or design and create a menu fit for a Royal dinner party!

Week Beginning 13th July.

Wow - you've done it! Last week of term and last week of homelearning! Well done Y6 for keeping this up for soooooo long - you must be really proud of yourselves for maintaining your discipline, motivation and education - I am very proud of you! 

This final week we'll keep things pretty much the same for the mornings. I'd really like to see if you've done anything for your personal project - the Y6's in class did some amazing work. If you haven't done this, or finished it, use your afternoons this week to have a go at it. I've also posted some art and D.T activities to do in the afternoons for this week. Don't forget to do as much as your LMS transition booklet this week so that you don't have to be worrying about finishing it over the summer holidays.

Have a good final week and I'll make sure you get your goody-bag of leavers treats by the end on the week and don't forget to treat yourself to a film afternoon on Friday!

Mrs Prince.


Don't forget to keep working through the activites in your LMS transition booklets - there is a lot in there so don't leave it all until the last minute. We also spoke briefly with Miss Osbourne this week. She said you should have your VLE logins now and that they will be doing some video work on the transition part of the site. We'll be having a look is school so use some of your times in the afternoons to do this too!

Week Beginning 6h July 2020

Nearly there Y6! This week maths and English is the same format as usual - don't forget you can have a go at some of the Pobble 365 activites if you want to do some free creative writing. I've found a new spelling site which I've included on the links - the Tops Marks spelling site. Use it to practise the spelling rules and exception words we've been covering over the last couple of terms using the RWInc stuff. For topic have a look at the life and times of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. Use the DK enclylopedia site to help you with your research and present your findings any way you like (the link in included in the personal project pages) - don't forget you can share your work on the class blog. You can also continue with your own personal projects. Watch out for some posts from the Y6's this week as they are going to be sharing theirs with the class on Friday. Keep checking out the Oak Academy site for all other bits of the curriculum... RE, Science, German etc.... and don't forget to check out Miss Tonks work on the PE pages (the link is on our page here). Have a lovely week folks - keep going! Mrs P 

Week Beginning 28th June.

Good Morning Y6 - another week of home learning! I'm so proud of you for still going strong at home, you really are amazing.

For topic this week have a look at some of the work by William Morris and create your own wallpaper design, tapestry of any other piece of craft, dt or artwork inspired by William Moris' designs. In school we're currently doing a 'personal project' that is a free study of a topic of your choice but has to cover 3 subjects, eg English, Science and Food tech... some people are doing fashion, food, sports, cats, wolves.... whatever you like. I've included a couple of sites to help with your research. For your afternoon sessions you can also have a look at the 'foundation lessons' on the Oak Academy site which you can dip in and out of depending on what you fancy. If you're wanting a change to some of the things we've been doing in English and Maths you could also look at the Oak Academy daily lessons - I've included both links on our page. Have a fab week and don't forget to share some things with us on the class blog!

Mrs P.

Week Beginning 22nd June.

Hi Y6's. I'll add a few more bits n bobs for the afternoon session during the week. We've been looking at ocean habitats in science so we'll do some of that and for topic this week have a look at some of the things that were invented during the Victorian times and do some research on an inventor that takes your fancy. You can use the links to 'Victorian Inventors' above and you can present your findings however you like - powerpoint, poster, newspaper report... Remember to post your work on the blog - even if you are back in school - it's nice for everyone to see what each other is doing! There is also a new tranisition acitivty for you to have a go at. It's supposed to be sunny again this week so why not try some of Miss Tonks PE activites out in the garden! 

Take care everyone! Mrs P.


Hi Y6. 

In school this week we have been starting to look at transition. If you would like to see what we have been looking at in school use the link above this. 

If you have any questions of want to share any of your work then please get in touch via the school email or class blog.

Mrs P. 

Week Beginning 15th June.

I hope those of you at home are still doing OK. We're using the class blog alot more in school now so please get invovled and share / chat with those in class. 

Spelling from now on will be about learning as many of the Y5/6 words as you can. Ask someone to test you and when you find 4-6 words you can't spell then practise them using you spelling strategies sheets. If you want to try something a bit different with the writing then have a look at Pobble365 this week. We've used it in school before where there is a picture and some story ideas underneath the image. Have a go at some creative writing and see where the pictures and you imagination take you. Don't forget that Miss Tonks and Mr Scully are putting PE and RE acivities on the school website too so I've linked the webpages here so that you can go and have a look.

We'll be starting to do some transition work in school this week and I'll post any of the lessons that we do on here and we'll also post some stuff on the blog so keep an eye out for those! We'll also keep you up to date with any leavers stuff we manage to sort out although we're struggling to get things going at the minute with social distancing and what not! 

Take care everyone! Mrs P

Week Beginning 8th June.

Hi Folks.

It has been nice to see some Y6 faces in and around the school and village this week. I look forward to seeing more of you as soon as possible! I've just up loaded more home-learning to the website. It's gone a bit quiet on the Class Blog front but it would be lovely if you could post more - I'm going to ask those children in class to start posting more regularly too so that you can all see what each other are doing. 

Our topic area for this week was to start looking at schooling in Victorian times and it got me wondering - do any of you have any old family photos that go back to the Victorian era, or even better do any of you know of any photos of the school during the Victorian times. Does anyone know anything about the history of our school building. There is some information on our website but do you have any family connections or stories to tell! 

Take care everyone and keep going! It's tough I know but we'll get there! 

Week Beginning 1st June.

Hi Folks,

So we are technically in Summer 2 Week 1 of you time in Year 6 - which is your last half term in primary school surprise. I am soooooo looking forward to seeing some of you back in the classroom later this week and I will do my very best for those of you at home to make you feel as included as possible in everything we are doing! We will be sticking with the White Rose math and Hamilton English in school just to keep some continuity going and so that we can all be working on the same things in school and at home. Our Topic for this term is Revolution but our main focus will be getting those of you in the classroom settled into some new routines and for all of us to start thinking about moving up to secondary school in September! I know some of you will feel a little nervous about this (that is perfectly normal!) but I also hope you're all feeling really excited too - secondary school is great fun and I know you are all ready and able to cope with it - even in these challenging times! 

For those of you coming back on Wednesday you can start the weekly work as normal using the timetable (as best you can because I'm not going to print work off for you if you are back in school this week) and I have a cunning plan to make sure we are all in the same place when we get back on Wednesday.

Anyway - another strange and interesting term looms ahead of us. Let's see what we can do with it! Mrs P laugh

Week Beginning 18th May.

Hi Everyone.

The last week of term - although it's been a very different half-term for us all! Spelling and the White Rose math are same as last week. The English work is based on the Shaun Tan book Eric - which is great. You can just do the first 3 days of English and spread them over the week if you want as there is a lot of work there again. Topic work has 3 or 4 tasks you can choose from. Science is BBC Bitesize and the MFL and RE are links on the Y5 page. Keep posting on the Class Blog and I'll be on there during the week before leaving an end of term video on Friday! Stay Alert everyone! Mrs P smiley​​​​​​​

Week Beginning 11th May.

Hi Folks - I hope you enjoyed the long Bank Holiday weekend, VE day celebrations and the lovely weather again!

The timetable is at the top so follow that again and I've updated the page so all the links are there for the work you'll do this week. A couple of tweaks to make again though. I've added 3 'Special Focus' spelling sheets to do as a challenge if you're finding the RWInc website work too easy. Remember, we all have things we're good at and not so good at. So, if spellings is something you're not so good at keep working on the vowel sounds pages on RWInc. White Rose math have changed their website a bit. They're doing two different things on there now which is a bit confusing so I've just downloaded the lessons and video links I'd like you to do this week - the answers are there still too so that you can check and mark your work. On Friday go to the Bitesize website and do the math challenge. I'll go through one or two of them on the video blog again on Friday so don't stress it if you're finding them tough! The English is week 6 of Hamilton. To be honest I'd look at the Year 5 work this week as I think it is more interesting...but you can do the Toast work if you want to! Or you could just do the Highway Man work from Thursday and Friday and stretch it out over the week - I've taught this for 2-3 weeks before. If you do the Y5 work, I'd be making the Mon-Wed lessons last all could do this too if you wanted.  After your letter to MaIala you could think about writing your own speech on a topic you're passionate about.

I don't think I up-loaded the German last week so there are two on there this week linked to colour.

I think that's it for now. I'll keep in touch on the Class Blog and I'll update here again next weekend.

Take care, Mrs P.

Week beginning 4th May.

Hi Everyone. This week looks a little different in the afternoons because we're going to do some work leading up to the VE day Bank Holiday on Friday. The Fact-File has three levels to choose from * = easier, **= medium, ***= more challenging. For the bunting I'd suggest printing one (if you can) and then tracing another 2-3 so that you can create a small chain of bunting for one of your windows. On Friday you can access 'normal work' on the website if you want to, or you can try some of the VE day bank holiday activities - baking / singing / picnic and games.

The spelling work from this week focuses on 'vowel sounds'; they get progressively more difficult as you go through them - you'll also need to try and remember which one you've done last as they all have the same label...If you are finding them too easy then skip on a bit and/or use the Y5/6 spelling list to challenge yourself - the more of these you know the better. I'll look for some other spelling work for next week for those 'super spellers' out there who need an extra challenge.

The Hamilton writing is really good I think but there is a lot to do in each lesson - don't forget you can always spread one lesson over two days (or more) if you need to. I often find with my own planning and teaching planning that what I think will take me 4 days often takes 2 weeks so don't worry if you need to spend a bit longer on the activities to get a good quality piece of work! 

I think you're doing a super job guys and I know I keep saying this but it is lovely to see all of you work, efforts and activities - keep going!!!!

Mrs Prince. 



Monday 27th - Friday 1st May.

Hi Folks - so I'm going to try leaving you to it a bit more this week. I've included a timetable at the top of the page which tells you what subjects you should be doing and when. The links are in the timetable or on your year group page. Hopefully, having the whole week in advance will help you and folks at home organise your time a bit better. I know from teaching my own children that we can't always work everyday or at the same time everyday and I thought knowing what you should be doing might make it easier to prioritise certain subjects or activities.. Our new thing to try this week is the Hamilton English lessons - they are quite lengthy but again do what you can. It might be that you decide only to do one or two of the English lessons over 4-5 days but do a really good job of them rather than trying to do everything and getting bored and frustrated with it! You might also want to miss out the BBC English lessons - or do a BBC lesson one day and a Hamilton the next.

Instead of posting on here everyday I'm going to be concentrating more on the Class Blog. So, I'll update our timetable and the links each weekend on here and keep in touch with you during the week on the Class Blog.

Hope that all makes sense - if not you can ask me on the Blog Pages!