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Class 3's Teacher: Mrs Prince

Class 3's Teaching Assistant: Mr Jones

MONDAY 8th March.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all back in class! We will ease ourselves back into the school routine and we'll find out what everyone has been doing at home. Please don't worry about anything - especially if you haven't been able to complete all the work whilst you have been at home. We will make sure everyone is up to speed with topic work and will soon have everyone back in the same place. The main thing is to just turn up! We will also be welcomining Mr Jones into Class 3 and I know he is excited to get to know you all.  

Teams lessons.

Should you need to self isolate over the next few months we will continue to keep our Teams platform up and running which means you will be able to join Class 3 for live lessons from home. As always any resources you need to complete your lessons can be found on the Class pages of the website and where possible we will set Teams assignments so that you can hand in your work virtually. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to collect you Home Learning books again so that your work can be completed in your books and marked when you return to school.

Videos to help with your learning (mainly writing) can be found on the website by going to Parents/Homelearning/VRC/Class 3.

A new year with some new routines!

Hi Class 3! Only a few days of the ‘longest summer holiday ever’ left. I’ll be back in school from tomorrow getting everything ship-shape and ready for our new term. I can’t wait to see you all back in the classroom together and even though there will be a few new routines, there will be lots of familiar things to look forward to - including just getting to see each other and having a good old catch up / getting to know you session!
Don’t forget to see if your uniform still fits, and try to get a good nights sleep on Sunday ready for an early start Monday morning!
See you all very soon.....

Mrs Prince 😀👏😀🎶

News from Chris and Simon....!


Peak District Music Centre are running online rehearsals for beginner wind instrument players and Youlgrave Primary School pupils who play an instrument have been invited to join in for free this term.  Rehearsals are run via zoom on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.  The students play music together and then have a fun quiz.  Our players have been really enjoying it.  


All music is available to download from our beginner wind webpage (this is only accessible via a link - it is usually only available to members).  For more information and for a link to the next rehearsal please contact the PDMC administrator, Marion Redman (


Best wishes- and thank you for helping us with this



Peak District Music Centres

Hi Folks,

Another new term and another new topic! We're going to be looking at the topic Revolution which covers the period of time that Queen Victoria was on the throne. Lots of new ideas and inventions came about during this era which we will look at in more detail over the next few weeks. The current plan is that some of the Y6's will be back in class with me and the remaining Y6's and Y5's will continue with Home Learning for the time being. I will do my very best to make everyone feel as included as possible with all that we do and the best way of doing this is for us all to keep using our Class Blog! I look forward to seeing some of you in school soon and I look forward to hearing from the rest of you via the Blog pages - take care everyone! Mrs P.

Mrs Prince Video Blog....

Hi everyone - just to let you know that if you visit the VCR page on the home learning site ( it’s the link just above the class blog link) I’ve created a weekly video to say hi and I’ll do one every Friday to stay in touch. I don’t know if you guys can post videos but I’ll do a bit of research this week and let you know. 

Hi All.

So we start this term at home - which is something new to all of us. As we continue with our home learning using the great sites that are out there at the minute we'll also continue with our school topics. Our next topic is Gallery Rebels and we'll be exploring the different art movements throughout history right up the present day. I look forward to seeing some of your art projects related to this topic and hope to find the time to have a go at some of them myself! 

Take care everyone.... Mrs Prince.

This term's topic is Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. We'll be looking at the Feudal system in the Middle Ages, the Peasant's Revolt and of course the Black Death. Please have a look at the planning document below to see what we'll be covering and of course we'll be taking a trip to Eyam at the end of this half term - more details to follow later!

Mrs Prince.


As part of our topic we have been reading Michael Morpurgoes Private Peaceful and using the main characters Tommo and Charlie in our diary writing about being on the front line. We're still reading the book as our class story and hope to get through it before the end of this term! We've also done some great drama work to help us tell the story of being on the front line - I was really impressed with the way Class 3 were able to capture the emotions and empathise with themes of war and conflict.


This term we have been consolidating our multiplications skills and mastering the art of fractions. Class 3 are now pretty good and simplifying, finding equivalents, creating common denominators, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions! Great work everyone!