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Year 5

Homework will be handed out on a Friday and will be due back in on the following Wednesday morning.

If homework is not in school by Thursday lunchtime children will be asked to complete their homework during lunch so that they don't fall behind. They will receive a weekly math sheet and grammar sheet. Children also have a login to use TT Rockstars and My Maths. We would encourage pupils to use these websites regularly throughout the week, links for these pages can be found on the Maths page. It is also important that you continue to read with your child, or encourage them to read independently. If you would like to help your child with their spelling, there is a list of the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling in our class spellings folder. 


Thank you for your support with homework tasks.


Mrs Price


Watch the video and write a poem about you.

Write a fact file about Queen Elizabeth. 

Paragraph 1

What is her full name?

When was she born?

Where was she born?

Who are her parents?

Does she have any siblings?

How many birthdays does she have? When are they?

Paragraph 2

How was she schooled? At home / in school?

Where did she grow up?

Does she have any qualifications?

When did she get married? Who did she marry?

How many children does she have? Who are they? When were they born?

How many grandchildren does she have? Who are they? How old are they?

What pets does she have?

Paragraph 3

Where does she live now?

How do you know she is home?

How many houses does she have? Where are they?

When did she become queen?

Who did she take over from?

How long has she been Queen?

What important events have happened during her reign?

Who takes over from her when she gives up the throne?

Paragraph 4

What countries were and are in the commonwealth? 

What countries are in the British Empire?

What legacy will she leave behind?