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Guten tag Klasse.

Here are some resources for our German lessons.


Click on here to access the BBC Bitesize German lessons. 


Activity 1 - remind yourself of numbers in German. In your book, under the heading Numbers, have a go at writing the numbers 1-20 in German. Can you show me 5 German number sentences?


Activity 2 - remind yourself of calendar months in German. In your book, write out the 12 months in German under the heading My Calendar. Can you draw a picture to illustrate each month?


Activity 3 - Watch the video clip and  write down the caption words introduced in the clip and then use them to write your own recipe for pancake with apple sauce. Yum yum!


Activity 4 - Watch the two clips about families. For the clip on allotments in Germany, use your whiteboard to make notes of the German vocabulary for pets and places in their gardens. If you can, draw a picture of a German allotment or 2 or 3 pets and label them in German.


Activity 5 - Schools in Germany. What is the same and what is different to schools in Germany and here in the UK?

Learn German Vocabulary - Months in German (Monate)

Felix und Franzi, Band1, Kapitel 1 - Hallo!

German for Primary School children with Felix the frog and Franzi the duck. Video clips to accompany teaching resources on the Goethe-Institut website. http:...