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PSHE and Well being

This half term our theme is Difference & Diversity.


For our PSHE work this term, each week have a go at one of the activities below. Remember to send your ideas or work to me via the school blog or through Teams.


Activity 1.

Have a go at the quiz of flags from across the world. How many do you know? Are any flags the same?


Just like people, flags and the countries they represent have similarities and difference and that although we can be grouped by similarities we share, each and every one of us shares common needs e.g. to be treated kindly, to be listened to, eat and drink, shelter, etc.


In your book, using a ruler draw a rectangle (outline of a flag) and split the rectangle into 4. Now draw something in each section that represents you, e.g. cultural, family, religious, interests.


If we could all see our flags, we would see that there are lots of things similar about our flags but also things that are different.

Today's lesson allows us to celebrate each other’s designs and we can start to see what makes us the same as others as well as what makes us different.

Lesson 2 - Thursday 25 March

R10 - Identifying how to listen and respond respectfully to a wide range of people.

R16 - Recognising and challenging stereotypes.


Read ‘Elmer’ by David McKee. TTYP and discuss why Elmer decides to make himself like all the other elephants.

Explore the fact that it is Elmer himself that feels different. His elephant family have always welcomed him and loved him for being him.

TTYP - discuss how do we know that his elephant family love him? Why might feeling different affect Elmer’s life?


Using outline of an elephant, on the inside write down how Elmer might be feeling? On the outside write down how this may affect his life. If you were Elmer’s friend how could you be a mate, and make a difference? Suggest 3 ideas.

TTYP - Share and compare.

Time for Storytime: David McKee reads Elmer

Watch David McKee read his story, Elmer. Use the book to explore today's questions.

Mental Health Week 2021

Click on this link to go to our Health and Well-being page to find some great activities for Mental Health week.