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For our English work this week, we will be using the Hamilton Trust resources we used last time. Complete any written work neatly in your home learning writing book. Resources are below.


Monday 18th January (Week 4 Day 3)


1. Read a Portrait Poem
• Read the poem, “Simon, my best friend…”
• What does Simon have in common with you? What is different about you and him?  Write a heading- 

A Portrait Poem and write your ideas underneath, neatly.

2. Remind yourself about the present and past tense
• Use the PowerPoint presentation or the Revision Card to remind yourself about the Present and Past Tense.
• Complete Past/Present Tense practice in your book, under the sub heading Present and Past Tense.
Well done! Now explain your answers to a grown-up. You can check them with the sheet at the end of this pack.


If you have time:
3. Now for some writing
• Use the Portrait Poem template to write about one of your friends.
• Write sentences about them in the present tense.
• Add a portrait of them in the middle of the template.