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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs Sophia Barker - Interim Executive Headteacher

Mrs Joy Burgess - Interim Head of School

Mrs Heather Stelling - Headteacher


Mr Paul Scully - Class 2 Senior Teacher (Atlantic Ocean Class)

Miss Zoe Hemmingway - Class 3 Teacher (Indian Ocean Class)

Miss Francesca Hulme - Class 1 Teacher (Pacific Ocean Class - Monday -Thursday)

Miss Lisa Critchlow - Class 1 Teacher - (Pacific Ocean Class - Fridays)  

Mrs Ruth Houghton - Class 2 Teacher in Training (Atlantic Ocean Class)

Miss Lyn Tonks - P.E Teacher/Sports Club Lead


Miss Joanne McVeigh - Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Class 1/Positive Play Leader

Mrs Shelley Dale - Teaching and Learning Assistant - Class 3

Mrs Kimberley Teeboon - Teaching and Learning Assistant - Class 1

Mrs Anne Buston - Teaching Assistant supporting Ukrainian Children  


Mrs Mandy Stafford-Wood - School Business Officer  

Mrs Anne Askew - School Business Assistant/Positive Play Leader


Mrs Hannah Tory - Cook


Mrs Julie Travers - Midday Supervisor/Club Supervisor/PE Support

Mrs Kimberley Teeboon - Midday Supervisor/Club Supervisor cover/PE Support

Mrs Jayne Oldfield - Midday Supervisor


Mr Kevin Shimwell - Caretaker