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Week 6

Y5 / Y6  Grammar

Passive voice

Synonyms and antonyms


Semi colons, Colons and Dashes

Expanded noun phrases (describing settings)

Adverbials and Modal verbs

Commas for clarity.

Y5 / Y6


To write a biography



Diary Writing.

Media report.

Explanation text

Newspaper report

You have 3 session to plan, draft, edit and improve and publish your work. Your challenge is to put all of your writing skills to use. How do we start planning a piece of work? How could BBBBB help us? Where could we find some ideas to use in our writing? What have you learnt about the writing process over the last year that you can show off now! 

Balanced arguments

Research on using pesticides

Why do we need insects?

5th / 6th May writing lessons

Poetry writing.