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Welly Wednesdays

Welly Wednesdays

Summer 1

This term we have focused on team building games and outdoor adventure activities. This has included problem solving tasks and orienteering, map reading activities. We've had a lot of fun!


Welly Wednesdays

Autumn 2

Week 4: This week the children used clay to create their own images of 'The Green Man' in the woods. They also used I-pads to take photographs of evidence of Winter and the visit from Jack Frost!

The amazing photographs taken by the children themselves!

Week 3: It was very cold, but sunny today, when we went exploring in the woods. We used a piece of string to wrap around and measure trees. We had to decide if they were wider or narrower than our string. We also learnt about texture and all the different words used to describe it (rough, smooth, scratchy, hairy, soft etc.) We then made textured rubbings using wax crayons.

Week 2: This week we wandered down to the woods to explore the environment. We practised naming the leaves and trees again and made some beautiful pictures for our outdoor art gallery. We worked hard, even though the wind kept trying to blow our work away!

Week 1: We had a lovely time identifying autumn leaves and the trees they belong to and then we made ourselves some spectacular leaf crowns!