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Religious Education (R.E)

Welcome to our RE Curriculum page.


Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Derby Diocesan Religious Education syllabus 2020-2025 which is copied below. It is mainly based on our Christian faith but includes an understanding of other religions, helping to give pupils a wider knowledge and understanding of modern Britain. The syllabus is supplemented with the Understanding Christianity resources which are intended to support teachers when teaching RE. Understanding Christianity's approach to teaching about Christianity builds up pupils' encounters with biblical concepts through texts, placing them within the wider Bible story.


Through RE we aim to enable children to understand the nature of religions and beliefs which have influenced the lives of millions of people and have heavily influenced the development of different human cultures.

We also aim to enable pupils to learn more about themselves and their place in the world as well as exploring other faiths and their similarities to our Christian faith.


RE is taught through an inquiry-based approach and provides opportunities for all pupils to explore questions, experiences and concepts related to identity and what it means to be human, whilst at the same time developing a good knowledge and understanding of the principle faiths of Britain.

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