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PE with Miss Tonks

Week beginning 1st March

Hi Everyone,

 As we hope to be back at school together soon, why not try out any of the activities that you've not had chance to do, or else select your 3 favourite ones, ready to show me in our lesson next week. 

As usual, don't forget to ask your adults for permission first, so that they can check that you have enough space and are working safely.

Please post any photos or videos on the blog as I'd love to see them.

Try and get the whole family involved and make sure you look at the notes that tell you how to make it easier or harder. 

Really looking forward to seeing you all again. 

Miss T

Week beginning 22nd February
Week beginning 8th February
Week beginning 1st February 
Week beginning 25th January
Week beginning 18th January
Week beginning 11th January

Hi Everyone, 

Miss Tonks here.smiley So sorry we can't all be together in school, but I'm hoping you've managed to get outside for plenty of exercise. Have you managed to do some Go Noodle activities (try and get your grown ups to join in!) and has anyone joined in with Joe Wicks' PE sessions?


There are lots of short videos to watch and try in the PE section of the website, but I'm going to ask you try a particular one each week to improve your skills and keep up your level of fitness. This week's is all about throwing for accuracy. The video tells you how to make it easier or harder and I've given each class the same activity so that you can practise with your family.

You will need some containers and some things to throw - rolled up socks are brilliant for this, but you could use some soft toys or something similar. Please don't throw anything inside that could cause any damage and always check with your adults before you start the activity. Do the activities outside wherever possible.


Have fun... and remember, you can add your own challenges into the activity too!