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Severe Weather Information

Snow/Adverse Weather Conditions


In the event of heavy snow or adverse weather conditions, we will do our best to try and keep school open. However, in extreme circumstances, school may have to be closed. We can assure you that this will not be a decision taken lightly, but we have to ensure the safety of children and staff.

Parents/carers will receive a message by Parenthub regarding school closure and a message will go onto the school website banner.

If there has been heavy snow overnight, we could also delay opening in order to make the site safe and allow staff time to get to school. We will again, notify you via Parenthub and the website.

If there is heavy snow/adverse weather during the school day, we will inform by Parenthub of early collection arrangements. Parents that allow their children to walk home, need to contact school on the day if they don't want their child walking in bad weather.

In the event of snowy weather, after school clubs may be cancelled.