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Visions, Values and Ethos


Welcoming all Community Achievement Respect Encouragement


  • These are values which encompass our vision and ethos

  • A set of core values which underpin everything we are about

  • Easy for everyone to remember

  • Displayed around school

  • Referred to all the time

  • Embedded into the culture and ethos of the school




  • We uphold our Christian values and extend an open-armed welcome to all

  • We value everyone for who they are and ensure everyone has access to learning by breaking-down any barriers

  • We treat everyone fairly regardless of race, faith, gender, sexual orientation or ability




  • Our school is at the heart of our community. We are here to serve everyone now and for the future

  • We belong to the Church community

  • We recognise the contribution of all stakeholders who play their part in the life of the school

  • We reach out to the wider community, working in partnership and fostering good relationships and links

  • We take our responsibilities seriously and keep God and the Church at the centre of everything we do




  • We believe everybody has different talents and interests. We can all achieve if we believe in ourselves

  • We can achieve things we never imagined possible

  • We believe achievement takes many forms. Academic progress is one form of achievement

  • We believe achievement should be highlighted and celebrated




  • We value everyone

  • We look after the school building, grounds and the things within it

  • We listen to one another

  • We speak kindly to one another

  • We think about what we do and consider the feelings of others




  • We inspire everyone to believe in themselves

  • We promote courage and bravery to tackle difficult problems

  • We have high expectations and strive for continual progress and improvement

  • We provide an exciting curriculum giving new opportunities and experiences

  • We promote perseverance and resilience for when the going gets tough



Derby Diocesan Board of Education Vision